Tuition & Fees

Enrollment at Carolina Dance Company is based on an 8-month schedule (September-April), regardless of the number of classes each month. A dancer’s tuition is based on the number of classes taken each week. All tuition is due & automatically drafted on the 1st of each month and failure to pay monthly tuition fees on time will result in a late fee. All dance accounts must be set on automatic bank draft/automatic bill pay by the start of classes in the fall and the dance family is responsible for all monthly tuition installments (September-April) regardless of dismissal or withdrawal from class.

2023-2024 Monthly Tuition Rates Per Dancer: 

1 Class Per Week: $50/month

2 Classes Per Week: $85/month

3 Classes Per Week: $115/month

4 Classes Per Week: $135/month

5 Classes Per Week: $155/month

Unlimited: $175/month

Additional Fees Associated With The Dance Season:

Registration Fee: $40 (due annually; the registration fee covers siblings living in the same household)

Shoes & Apparel: varies (please visit the Shoe & Attire Requirements tab)

Recital Costumes: $75-$100 per class; a $55 deposit is due in October

Christmas Parade Attire: (optional) $25-$35

Recital Fee: $85 and up