Tuition & Fees

Enrollment at Carolina Dance Company is based on an 8-month schedule (September-April), regardless of the number of classes each month. A dancer’s tuition is based on the number of classes taken each week. All tuition is due by the 15th of each month and failure to pay monthly tuition fees on time will result in a late fee. All dance accounts must be set on automatic bank draft/automatic bill pay by the start of classes in the fall and the dance family is responsible for all monthly tuition installments (September-April) regardless of dismissal or withdrawal from class.

2020-2021 Monthly Tuition Rates: 

1 Class Per Week: $48/month

2 Classes Per Week: $78/month

3 Classes Per Week: $108/month

4 Classes Per Week: $128/month

5 Classes Per Week: $148/month

Unlimited: $168/month

Additional Fees Associated With The Dance Season:

Registration Fee: $35 (due annually; the registration fee covers siblings living in the same household)

Shoes & Apparel: varies (please visit the Shoe & Attire Requirements tab)

Recital Costumes: $75-$95 per class

Christmas Parade Attire: (optional) $25-$35

Recital Fee: $75 and up

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